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Welcome to the Impulse Technology Web site, home to some great Windows® applications for your desktop or laptop computer.

Are you looking for software to block unwanted phone calls? We have two products that can fend off calls from telemarketers, survey takers, political and charity organizations, and any other callers that you don't want to deal with. Both products come with a free 30-day trial, so please give one of them a try.

Reminder Xpert
Reminder Xpert is a convenient personal reminder program. Quickly add independent events, tasks, and alarms, and be reminded when events occur or tasks become due. Use a handy pop-up calendar.
License: Freeware

Phone Call Xpress
Phone Call Xpress is a contact manager, phone dialer, and Caller ID utility all rolled into one. Use a standard data/fax modem to automatically dial outgoing calls. Hang up on unwanted callers.
License: Shareware

CallStation is a full-featured telephony application which includes an advanced answering machine, phone dialer with contact manager, fax receive capability, plus full Caller ID support.
License: Shareware

CallStation 6.0 Is Now Available!

CallStation has been greatly improved. The changes to this version include:

  • A new and improved silence detection algorithm.
  • Six high-quality hang-up messages are now included.
  • More pop-up window skin files are now included.
  • Many user interface improvements.
  • Added a 2nd ring option to the Auto-Hang-Up settings.
  • Replaced the clipboard dialing feature with a global hot-key.
  • CallStation is now compatible with Windows 8.1 (and 10).

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